Introducing our new ‘This Present Moment’ 2020 Calendar

Calendar page for May 2020

Begin the new decade with our This Present Moment 2020 Calendar! Each year four-time cancer survivor Meg Welchman documents moments of her life as a testament to living in the present. She snapshots both the mundane and the extraordinary and collects quotes and inspirations to magnify her love for this big beautiful, messy, difficult, courageous…

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Lost and Found

The year seems to have only just started and somehow we find ourselves already in March! I cleared out my storeroom on the weekend and found something quite surprising; one last box of 2019 This Present Moment Calendars! In Roman times March was the first month of the 10 month Roman calendar. So with that…

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We’re preparing a second edition of This Present Moment!

Second Edition of This Present Moment due for release in April

Thanks to the warm gratitude and kind feedback from our readers and supporters, the second edition of This Present Moment is being prepared for release in April. I am thrilled to be able to revisit and expand what has helped me cope during these past eight years. I have added a further five themes –…

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Honouring Julia

Last year I had the great fortune to meet Julia Watson at her Brisbane book launch of ‘Breakfast, School Run, Chemo‘ at Riverbend Books in Brisbane. We had been communicating for a while prior to meeting via her heartfelt blog ‘Five Fairies and a Fella‘. We had a few things in common: both aspiring writers, both having…

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On the Radio: This Present Moment

Meg spoke with Peter Janetzki, host of Talking Life on Family 96Five fm recently as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In the podcast you can hear Meg discuss her personal experience of cancer and her professional life as a psychologist and how these two worlds combined in the writing of “This Present Moment”. Podcast…

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Finding Faith

One of the most magnificent opportunities from creating a book is meeting with, and hearing from, those who have found meaning and hope in This Present Moment. I met Anna last Thursday at the Olivia Newton John Cancer, Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne. Anna is an artist and beautiful soul taking a sideways “trip” (her word!)…

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Universal Heart Book Shop Review


‘This Present Moment’ has been mentioned by the Universal Heart Book Club, run by Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason. Meg Welchman has a story worth telling. And courage we can be inspired by, and learn from. She has been forced by recurrent illness and circumstances to face more than any of us would wish. Don’t turn away, thinking that…

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Last year my life was both the tortoise and the hare

I spent the first half of 2015 having chemotherapy. My secondaries had returned. It was to be my third terrifying dance with cancer. It left my body and soul aching, but it also gave me time to hatch my plan. I was going to write a guide about what had helped me navigate the treacherous terrain…

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