The days are long but the years fly by

“The days are long but the years fly by” was something my sister-in-law said to me when we were bringing up our toddlers. A day felt like an eternity at times as we struggled to navigate through those early days of minimal sleep and endless demands. Fast forward to 2017, in which my son turned…

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“When You Live in the Past It Costs You The Present”

This is the simple quote I extracted from the fortune cookie after a celebratory dinner for my Brisbane Book Launch at Avid Reader in March 2016.  It’s a classic fortune cookie message but what amazing synchronicity to find it on the launch night of my first book “This Present Moment”.  The essence of the book…

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Do You Value Your Mind?

It’s a strange question to ask, but if you consider how little time we give to being reflective and ‘in’ our mind, you might realise you don’t give it as much time as other parts of yourself. When we’re hungry we eat, when we’re in love, we follow our heart. If our mind craves peace, what do…

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Honouring Julia

Last year I had the great fortune to meet Julia Watson at her Brisbane book launch of ‘Breakfast, School Run, Chemo‘ at Riverbend Books in Brisbane. We had been communicating for a while prior to meeting via her heartfelt blog ‘Five Fairies and a Fella‘. We had a few things in common: both aspiring writers, both having…

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Your Present Moment: New Year New Path

Your Present Moment Mindfulness eCourse 2017

The New Year is almost here. It’s time. Time to allow yourself some inner space. Time to live in the present moment.  If you would like to live mindfully in 2017 this online course is for you! From February 1, 2017, psychologist Meg Welchman and artist Grace Cuell – creators of ‘This Present Moment – an…

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Your Present Moment: A spring clean for your mind

Your Present Moment - A Spring Clean for your Mind

“Something huge is coming up and we’re both included…” – Bjork Spring is coming. Wipe away the winter blues and allow yourself some inner space to truly appreciate the changing season. “Your Present Moment” will help you refresh and reorient for the warmer months ahead. Find a pocket of peace and create some inner calm with daily readings and…

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