A Spring Clean for the Mind

30 Days of Mindfulness

"Last year I did Meg’s “A Spring Clean for the Mind”. It was absolutely brilliant and so worthwhile - I experienced something valuable and beautiful each day and I loved it!!! It enriches the soul. I’ll be doing it again - highly recommended for everyone. 💕☀️❤️" – Steph D.

This Present Moment 2nd edition front cover

'This Present Moment' by Meg Welchman and Grace Cuell.

'A Spring Clean for the Mind' is a 30 day journey into mindfulness based on the book 'This Present Moment: An Art Therapy Journal' and its twenty themes for coping with adversity from psychologist, author and cancer survivor, Meg Welchman, illustrated by artist Grace Cuell.

Delivered online, these concise daily mindfulness lessons can help to develop resilience and courage when facing adversity, foster focus amidst the chaos of modern life and lift one's spirit to greater harmony and connection.

A Spring Clean for the Mind will help you;

  • create regular space in your life for self-reflection
  • develop new ways of living mindfully
  • find inspiration to view the world differently
  • experience gratitude
  • feel a warm inner glow for doing something positive for yourself
You also will receive hand drawn mandalas by Grace Cuell to download and colour to complement your practice.

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Creative Mindfulness

Re-energise your creativity!

Have you ever said, "I don't have a creative bone in my body"?

You may not think of yourself as creative, but there is more to creativity than drawing or painting. Creativity is as much about problem solving as it is about invention.

Are you waiting for your next 'creative urge' to strike?

The biggest myth about creativity is that you need to be in the “mood”. The right frame of mind is not what is going to make you creative. The most important thing about having a creative life is not the mastery of a skill, or a thorough knowledge of whatever it is you want to create.

The single most important factor for a creative life is scheduling TIME. Regular time.

Creativity is like a muscle. You need to exercise it regularly and the more you do this, the more creative your life will be.

With updated content and a host of inspiring guest speakers, you will want to schedule a little CREATIVE MINDFULNESS into your life!

'Creative Mindfulness' is a self-paced 10 day online course designed to help you to invigorate and reclaim your creativity.

Let's Get Creative!

Meg Welchman - Author
Meg Welchman, Psychologist & Author

Meg Welchman and Grace Cuell – authors and publishers of 'This Present Moment - An Art Therapy Journal' – provide fun, insightful, easy lessons, grounded in positive psychological theory, that explore what it means to be creative and how to bring more creativity into your life.

Join them for ten days of fresh thinking and simple activities to stimulate your creativity!

Grace Cuell - Illustrator
Grace Cuell, Designer & Illustrator

Creative Mindfulness will help you:

  • Apply the principles of mindfulness to your projects
  • Remove creative blocks
  • Learn divergent thinking techniques
  • Experience the joys of creative expression
  • Hear from creative people about their chosen art form and processes
  • Plan your time for maximum creativity and more!

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 'Creative Mindfulness: Re-energise your creativity' delivers 10 lessons over 10 days.

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