Introducing our new ‘This Present Moment’ 2020 Calendar

Calendar page for May 2020

Begin the new decade with our This Present Moment 2020 Calendar! Each year four-time cancer survivor Meg Welchman documents moments of her life as a testament to living in the present. She snapshots both the mundane and the extraordinary and collects quotes and inspirations to magnify her love for this big beautiful, messy, difficult, courageous…

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Do You Value Your Mind?

It’s a strange question to ask, but if you consider how little time we give to being reflective and ‘in’ our mind, you might realise you don’t give it as much time as other parts of yourself. When we’re hungry we eat, when we’re in love, we follow our heart. If our mind craves peace, what do…

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Icon Cancer Foundation Gala

Icon Cancer Foundation

Meg is proud to be a new ambassador of the Icon Cancer Foundation. This is a vital not-for-profit organisation that runs a wide range of clinical trials and provides support to patients. Read more about the Foundation and Meg here. Meg will be at the Icon Cancer Foundation Gala this Friday, 24 June 2016 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Come along…

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Meg featured in the BCNA’s Inside Story magazine

photo of Meg in Breast Cancer Network Aust

Meg is featured on the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) this week. “Would I have written this book if I didn’t have cancer? I honestly don’t know. Yet here I am, happy having created something so beautiful, beyond the chemotherapy, mastectomy, endless scans and doctors’ appointments, and fear of the unknown.”  In the latest issue…

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Universal Heart Book Shop Review


‘This Present Moment’ has been mentioned by the Universal Heart Book Club, run by Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason. Meg Welchman has a story worth telling. And courage we can be inspired by, and learn from. She has been forced by recurrent illness and circumstances to face more than any of us would wish. Don’t turn away, thinking that…

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Meg’s Story of Writing

I have always loved books. Growing up in a small coastal town, my favourite place, besides my bedroom, was the town library. The library was an old red brick building that was dimly lit and deathly quiet inside. It had a distinctly musty paper smell that made my stomach churn to such a degree that…

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